Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Noteworthy News

Starting to use my new Macro lens attachment yesterday for closeups. It's not a bad investment for the money that's for sure.  Cheaper than a full macro lens....now to get used to it.  Will post some pictures.

The noteworthy news is that Jess finally got accepted into LPN Program so we were very excited for her and she has been wanting this for so long!  My Dad always wanted one of his girls to enter the Nursing Profession, I think it's because his sister was a  nurse and she was tragically killed in a car accident in her early 30's.  Guess Jess will be carrying the torch for her Pop seeing as none of us persued Nursing.


Beads of raindrops on my hosta

Macro raindrop
Here are a couple of those macro shots I took. Needs lots of practice as the focusing is a little different.  Have a good day...yes it's raining again!

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