Monday, May 30, 2011

It's Monday and Sunny

What more could you ask for on a Monday?  The Tree Swallows are back defending their ground against the Starlings.  Nature is so interesting.  I have limited space on my clothes line now as the little Tree Swallows like to perch there next to the bird house.  Oh well, I won't complain.  Watching them most of the day, great entertainment.
Yesterday, Derek and I went to Twillingate and Summerford. Got some nice photos.  Saw lots of Robins and Gulls but nothing new for me.  Going to Cape St Marys to see the birds there in a couple of weeks...looking forward to that.

Here's my little Tree Sparrow on the clothesline today :)  Birds sure can put a song in your heart♥

Have a great day and week!!
p.s. Wish he would turn around for his picture :)

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